BIOENERGY HEALING - How does it work?

Healing assists the body by 'kick starting' its own natural healing process. It does this in numerous ways including supplying energy where it is depleted, by un-blocking stuck energy and moving energy around the body and its magnetic field.

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It has been scientifically proven that every living creation is made up of electromagnetic energy which vibrates at different frequencies. You may have heard this described as ‘Aura’ or ‘Chi’ energy. This energy flows through the body in order to maintain health and well-being, both physically and emotionally. Energy healing is the clearing and re-balancing of the entire physical body and the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds it.

The healer uses the life sustaining energy of the Universe, to balance the body and create healing. The practitioner does not use his or her own energy, but rather directs the energy, which contains all the information the body needs to heal itself.

Bioenergy can restore health in adults and children – when other means fail. It can provide the additional energy required to recover from illness.

Bioenergy healing is safe, non-invasive, painless, patient friendly & free of pharmaceuticals. The World Health Organization recognizes that energy therapy is highly effective, and ways of working with it form a routine part of health care systems worldwide.

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The client is fully dressed either sitting in a chair or lying on a therapist bed. I tend to work with my hands on the body but if you prefer I would conduct the healing with my hands some distance from your body. I work instinctually rather than working through a standard procedure. If I feel an area needs more work on it I will stay in the area until the work is complete. I am guided by the flow of energy coming through me. Feelings that are commonly felt by clients include deep relaxation, the sensation of energy moving, the feeling of being supported and nurtured. Some clients may experience visions of images or colours. Emotional release such as crying can occur as can the development of insight into specific areas of their lives. The healing process does not end once the session has finished. The healing will still be working on a deeper level.
Each person’s healing process is as unique as they are – sometimes my clients and I get to the root of the issue quickly, and sometimes it is a gradual process. There is no better or worse way, there is only each person’s way.
I am an experienced energy healer who works with people of all ages from babies through to the elderly. I am based in Streatham , work from a clinic in East Dulwich and am able to do home visits in South London, Central London and the surrounding areas.


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