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Healing can help with stress management - It promotes a calmer response to life's challenges. Healing is beneficial during times of work or exam stress, relationship breakdown or can help those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Healing can also also help with the coming to terms with death or loss. healing can bring peace and inner calm to those dying. It can also help the carers and loved ones through this difficult time.
Healing brings balance to the mind and body and spirit encouraging relaxation and wellbeing which in turn improves many forms of 'dis-ease' within the body.

Bio Energy Healing is a natural energy therapy that can complement conventional medicine. You do not have to be unwell to benefit from healing, the process assists in your general health.
It is effective for all ages, my clients include the elderly , adults, teenagers, children and babies.


Many children benefit from Energy healing. Issues such as sleep, anxiety, and digestive pain are greatly aided by energy healing. Healing can complement other treatments but may also be able to go much deeper to the roots of imbalances in children with diagnoses such as autism and ADHD to help bring about much more fundamental change.
Children are naturally very receptive to energy healing. The strong belief system permeating the adult world that modern medicine is the only way to cure an illness has not yet set itself in stone in the child’s mind. Children are lucky to not yet be jaded by skeptics or confined by ego and intellectualism. They are not limited by doubt.
A child’s mind (and body) effortlessly acknowledges Bioenergy and receives the maximum benefits.
Children want to feel better with a process that is gentle, painless, even fun.
Often parents find Energy healing when they too want another path other than the one of ongoing medication or a verdict that there is nothing else that can be done.

I am fully DBS checked.


When we are relaxed and stress-free, we are able to restore our natural ability to heal. When a person is in good health, regular energy healing therapy will increase the bodies built-in defenses. This will manifest itself as confidence and outward harmony in dealing with everyday events. The person will gain a positive outlook on life.
An energy healing session can induce an extremely comfortable state of being that brings an alteration in the clients consciousness.


Distance healing is any form of healing energy "sent" across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient. With this type of work, you do not have to be physically present with the healer to receive the healing. It may be done at a special time set aside and agreed upon between you and the practitioner. Relationships, places and situations such as conflict can also receive therefore benefit from healing.

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