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About Me

My name is Claira Fernandez MNFSH and I am a Bio Energy Healer. I am based in South London and work from a clinic in East Dulwich. I may also provide healing in the comfort of your own home in the surrounding areas and over London.

I have been using healing energy since I was child. When a family member was not well I would lay my hands on them instinctually and they would be soothed by the energy coming through my hands. I was not aware of what was happening, it was instinctive and spontaneous. As an adult I started to educate myself on what was happening and my studies led me to learn Reiki (a Japanese form of healing using symbols). I practiced in this for some time and kept furthering my knowledge of the healing energy. I came across the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, completed their course and am now a member and practice under their organisation. In my private practice, I work instinctually rather than through the constraints of a discipline bringing health and wellbeing to various people of all ages.

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