Claira Fernandez MNFSH Energy Healing & Reiki in London


I have had several healing sessions with Claira and it still amazes me the powerful impact of her healing, often days later! Claira's positivity radiates through her practice and has significantly contributed to strengthening my coping skills during a serious illness.
Sol, Streatham

Amazing service. I have been using the service, for over 9 mths now and the love and joy I get every time I go, and have the treatment is amazing.
It has been a profound progressive healing program for me, I feel a lot calmer and new energy in me! I feel so relaxed every time I go and look forward to it every week. I have recommended this to several people and all feedback has been positive.
Try it a few times it will change your life like it has mine.
Best wishes JR London

Claira has a knack of putting the recipient of her therapy completely at ease. She is happy and at peace in her own life, and this communicates this through the healing - such that one feels electricity in the air, and with the laying on of hands, a sense of calm.
Gregory Vincent , Balham

I made several sessions of healing with Claira. The problem that I have is my chronic pain. During the sessions, I felt relaxed and "heavy", as if I was being injected by some kind of energy. It was an interesting experience, as I could also feel Claira's hands moving, even when she was not touching me and I felt that something was moving inside my body as well. I really saw some positive changes after several sessions, as my pain normally was stuck just in one place, but suddenly I felt that the pain started moving and was not so "concentrated" in just one spot of my body. I would definitely recommend everyone to try this experience, of course everyone is different and can be affected in a different way, but this is something worth trying!"
Daria, Totenham Hale.

Claira is such a natural healer, I can definitely recommend her. I felt completely at ease, even though I had no idea what to expect. She put her hands above my head and I just relaxed into what was happening. Afterwards I felt calm, warm, confident and relaxed but not sleepy. I did sleep well later that night though and the positive feelings stayed with me for days. Thanks Claira. I'm looking forward to the next session
Carla, Dorking

Thanks Claira for the beautiful healing session. I felt peaceful and at ease with you, you were sensitive to my needs and your energy is lovely I would recommend Claira for a healing session.
Carolyn, Balham

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